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Home Businesses | A Few Logical Reasons Why Home Businesses Are Supported By The IRS

Are Home Businesses A Waste Of Your Time

I would think NOT!!! Why would somebody turn down the opportunity of having there own business, being there own boss, working from home and having control over the amount of income they can possibly make. As strange as this may sound, THEIR OUT THERE.

Who and Why I don’t know but, THEIR OUT THERE and You might be one of these people who turns down opportunity. Maybe your like F*&% MLM!!! And F&^$ Network Marketing Too!!! or maybe you don’t have the money to get started, there’s numerous reasons people can come up with.

Truth is most people lack knowledge of the value of owning Home Businesses and like the old saying goes what you don’t know can hurt you.

Home Businesses Are Supported By The United States Congress & The IRS

Home Businesses provide all types of different benefits and deductions permitted by the IRS, in fact here is a list of A dozen deductions for your small business

home businesses

Yes the IRS permits tax benefits for Home Businesses in fact The United States Congress and Internal Revenue Service/IRS actually created these laws. Congress & the IRS have also recently passed new laws granting W2 wage earners/JOB people even more tax deductions, BUT only if they qualify by owning their own home business.

Why You Should Think Twice About Turning Down Home Businesses  

Tax benefits, Whole sale prices, The ability to work from home and much, much more, even if you have a job, owning your own home business can still be very beneficial for you because it will enable you to qualify for more tax deductions.

Hate to be the one to tell you but if your an employee you are actually missing out on 30 to 40% of your income when filing for taxes. If you own a home business you can seriously take advantage of tax deductions, almost everything you do or buy can be deducted in tax season.

Plus THE GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS FOR. With all this so called  Recession talk going around, Businesses going into debt and Shortage of Jobs. Unemployment is near record highs, which means more people will be in the unemployment line :( and honestly they just don’t have enough money to pay out.

Home Businesses Provides Employment

MLM Home Businesses will keep you and others  you know out of the unemployment line. You have the opportunity to make a residual income, leveraged income and provide employment for others.

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  1. Running a home business offers you an infinite number of opportunities Wadell. You listed the tax benefits for starters. The fact that your income has no ceiling is awe-inspiring, when you think about it.

    You make whatever you want to make if you are willing to generate creative ideas which help others prosper, make meaningful connections and persist with these 2 steps day in and day out. Keep working it at and you will prosper. You experience all the freedoms running a home based opportunity affords you because you embraced the responsibilities which arise with running.

    Thanks for sharing Wadell!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How You Can Prosper as a Cash Gifting SponsorMy Profile

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