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Is Your Business Suffering From That Well Known Disease Called Distraction?

Distraction Is The #1 Disease For Productivity


It’s 2012 now and a lot of us may need to make some changes for the new year including myself, so I wanted to focus on one specific day killer so many of us have.


In this article I want to talk about this horrific disease called Distraction and:

  • Why so many of us are infected.
  • Why Distraction is such a day killer.
  • How your business might be suffering from Distraction.
  • & a few simple steps to cure this disease.

Why So Many Of Us Are Infected With Distraction

Well it’s simple, were only human” life is full of so many surprises and Distraction is spreading more and more everyday. With all the new technology, crime on FOX channel 11 news, new diseases and some new pill advertising on TV that creates more problems then what it cures, it’s almost impossible for us not to be infected with Distraction.

And I haven’t even mentioned our daily Distraction like kids, cell phones, bills, work, people, noise, social networks and the list goes on.

Why Distraction Is Such A Day Killer

Distraction will absolutely kill your day in so many ways, have you ever had something you new you had to do, and the exact time you had to do it. And something as simple as a phone call, TV show or that neighbor that always stops you before you get to your car and talks to you for about 20 minutes about nothing at all?

Totally making you late or killing your must do activity for the whole day. Believe or not but time really does fly when Distraction lurks.


How your business might be suffering from Distraction

One thing I definitely learned since I been in business is plan your day” like the Gurus say if you fail to plan then your planning to fail. When building a business or businesses there are must do activities you should complete by the end of the day. If your in network marketing then Marketing & Advertising should be a big part of your daily activities.

Television, cell phones, kids, having company, social networks, skype, text messages and emails can be a very big Distraction for your daily marketing plan.

A Few Simple Steps To Cure The Distraction Disease

Make a list of all the devices you have turned on during the day that can interrupt you from your “revenue producing” work. Like: cell phones, emails, instant messages, facebook, etc. Now create your own productivity space by choosing 1 to 2 full hours of time when you can just TURN EVERYTHING OFF and work Distraction free.

Maybe an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon but which ever time you choose everything must be off. Work hard and focus on one thing” during that hour.

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Be Aware Of Distraction…

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When I joined my primary MLM I new nothing at all about marketing products, services and my income opportunity. Even though I have an up-line full of great offline marketers I didn’t start to see any results until I joined MLSP and learned how to market online.

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