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Strengthen Your Brand name Equity Using Social Media

brandIn our last issue, we discussed about how to use Facebook Groups for businesses. In today’s issue, we will discuss about the proper ways you should interact with your Fans and Friends from Facebook.

Although people are more or less aware of what right Netiquette in social media management, the creation and development of Facebook has taken web interaction to a whole new level.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there are a number of things you have to remember when addressing people.You should evaluate the applications that you use. However you use Facebook, whether for personal or business purposes, don’t forget that your actions online, while not all, can have a big impact within your world. It may be too shallow but for some people, a Facebook account even becomes a basis of making or breaking relationships. Also , there are some that rant about their bosses, spouses or in-laws online.

Here are a few things to remember when dealing with people online through Facebook, more so if you’re using it professionally.

Remember That There Are Some Things That Meant To Be Private

Redundant as it may sound, this is the major rule many people ignore. The connections and sense of voyeurism Facebook gives is a tempting entity but you should remember these things have a habit to backfire you and your business. Do you really want your clients see you puking on your Friday night gimmicks? Or is that nasty remark that’s supposed to be an inside joke among your buds worth the false impression by your business contacts? Realize that whatever that’s learned about you online can have a lasting impact. Personal or professional contacts may stumble on these in the future. If you openly let others know about private things in your life, imagine the stress and even discredit that you could earn.


When Using Facebook for Business, Stop Publishing those Game Updates

Those game updates will make you look incompetent towards potential customers. If you admit that you play these games, well, at least don’t have the updates posted on your wall. To you, it may seem like guilty pleasure. But for your potential customers, these may label you as unprofessional or even irresponsible. That’s a big no-no when you’re trying to develop sound credibility online.

Avoid Posting Updates As If You’re Texting Them

Hd a gr8 tym @ lst nyts prty. Sounds professional? Not at all. You’re not posting updates on Twitter which is limited to only 150 words so why scrimp your words? Text posting may turn off your potential clients and customers as it sounds a bit too amateurish. The same goes for drunk posting, posting gibberish or something too vague. And you don’t always have to follow Facebook’s prompt ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ Although all Facebook users have the freedom to say anything they like, this thing can also be very infuriating to many people over the long run. Of course, you wouldn’t want to annoy your customers and clients.

– Choose Contacts Wisely

It is best to remember that all news and information posted will appear on their wall. Their other Facebook friends can even see these posts in many occasions. So it would be best if you only pick contacts that are specific. Direct contacts are ideal. You only have a 5,000 limit for contacts after all. If you’re operating a Facebook page for business reasons, you shouldn’t be too quick in accepting friend requests. Doing a little bit of research may do your business page good. It is unethical to befriend everyone and then de-friend them later on.

Watch out for our next issue. We’ll talk about how you can provide something of value to your potential clients and customers.

You can choose among many methods to utilize Facebook for Business. Do you want to learn more, check out here for more Facebook marketing tips.
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